Summary:The puptatonix has been acting unusal lately so ryder quickly get to his pup pad and calls in the spooky doo gang (a parody of Scooby doo) to solve the mystery.

(title card has ryder snow flake brownie and kasey with possessed eyes on it)

Ryder:Five mystery nights at kasey's.

(fades black and comes back with ryder katie alex and cali with the boy pups)

Ryder:Four days and nights we need help.

Katie:Yes but who?

Alex:Ryder remember when you got the pup pad while the girl weren't looking?

Ryder:Yeah what about it?

Kaie:I think he means call for help.


Chase:It's worth a try and our only obssin.

Rubble:Please Ryder.

(Calls them they are wrapping up a case groovy 70's music plays in the background)

Frank:Now let's see who this shrouded ghoul really is.

(pulls off mask)

Gang:old man Richlin?

Richlin:thats right i thought if I scare people away they wold have to sell to me this was my plan.

(police takes him away)

(pup pad calls)

Frank:Frank here.

ryder:Frank the girls have been acting crazy lately.

frank:don't worry ryder keep em tied up until we get there.

Barbra:Everything all right Frank?

Frank:Well barbra we got another mystery on our hands.

Shabby:like we will not go to this place if it's haunted!

Hannah:Mystery munchie.

(takes out a box of mystery munchies)

(cuts to the mystery machine speeding down a highway)

Barbra:so whats the story this time?

Frank:Kasey Belle Rosey Snowflake Brownie and Skye have been acting very unusual lately.

Hannha:Let me guess ryder needs our help with this.


Shabby:like why do I have the feeling im not ganna like this?

Spooky-Doo:re roo.

(They make it to the look out)

frank:(os)Here we are Gang the paw patrol headquarters.

Barbra:let's head in.

Shabby(shighs) like alright.

Spooky-Doo:Rhat's ris?

(sees glowing yellow lumanes

Shabby:Like could be a clue.

Frank:Let's not forget the time we were on haunted island.

Barbra:The amument park?

Hannah:(rudely)Yes and not the time Barbra.

Barbra(mocks her)Yes and not the time barbra.

Frank:right. Anyway whatcha guys find?

Shabby:Glowing paint.

kasey:(off screen in a demonic voice) leave now spooky doo Gang case crew leave now.

Rrank:hey kasey how's it hangin?

(Barbra sees her eyes and hears her voice)

barbra:(stops him)Frank no!

Frank:What the? Barbra what's wrong with you?!

Barbra:Listen to me they are not what you think!

(they attack them they run)

(they find a clue wich is)

barbra:Jinkies this could be a clue.

Hannah:these wires might be a clue

(the spirits come up and say boo)

(they are startled and run)

Ryder:over here!

(they come quickly)


frank:Don't worry Gang I got a plan.

(Gets the phone and phone book)

shabby:Like who ya ganna call?


Janine:(on the other line)Hello ghostbusters.

(cuts to fire house)

janine:Yes of course

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